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I needed work on my 2007 Chevy Impala, the transmission was slipping from 1st to 2nd when I would be at a stop sign...but not every time. I Googled Transmission Repair for Maple Grove and I went to a Franchised Repair shop first because they were near by. I had to pay $130 to have them tell me that I needed a whole new transmission (rebuilt) and my Valve Gaskets needed replacing...$4800 total. They told me the Solenoids and Valves were fine but that transmission has had issues and is only rated for 100K miles. So I picked up my car and told them I would think about it and then brought it to Randy at Affordable. I told him what they told me and showed him the paperwork and he said not to trust those guys and pretty much guaranteed it was the valves and Solenoid. He got in the car with me and hooked up the Code Machine to see if it would spit out a code but of was running fine and we couldn't get it to slip. (he didn't charge me a dime for that). The first place also erased all of the old codes so he couldn't confirm the issue. He has had a lot of experience with my transmission and told me it would be about $650 to fix. If he had to rebuild the whole thing...$2250 vs. the $4500 at the other place. He also would check the Valve Gaskets but he said a lot of times its just seepage and they don't need replacing. I dropped my car off Thursday morning and it was done at 4:30 the same day. I rented a car and my total was $750 vs the $4800 and the car is running fine. He was correct about the gaskets and didn't charge me anything for that. I know why the "Franchise" repair shops do what they do but they should re-evaluate their methods and go for the repeat business rather than trying to get it all the first time. It's like going to the dentist for a toothache and the next thing you do is wake up in the chair with all new teeth. Randy is a straight shooter, he doesn't advertise, he could be like the others and tell you that this needs fixing or replacing but he doesn't. The only thing he doesn't do is anything with the tires (balancing, alignment...etc.) From now on I will bring my car there for any repairs...I just wish I would have found him sooner when I had my brakes replaced. I am sure I would have saved about $400 on that bill. Thanks again Randy!

Steven Maus Affordable Transmission & Performance Customer Review

It is refreshing to find the real deal! Vehicle repairs can be stressful and expensive. Randy is thorough. He's an honest guy who explains why, when and what needs to be done and has saved me time and money. With 185,000 miles, I know my Yukon will need more work and Affordable Transmission his staff are my go to place I trust. Thank you!

Lisa Jacobs Google Review

It's 5:15pm on Tuesday the 6th of January. I am in the Cities heading back home 3 hours north pulling a U-Haul trailer, when I notice that I have no tail or trailer lights. Not one repair facility in the Brooklyn Park area is willing to try and help. I am desperate. I make one last call to Randy @ Affordable Transmission. He gives me directions to his shop and waits for me to get there. Randy and his son stay late, They located and repair the problem. What a relief. Thank you for taking the time to insure that I am able to safely drive back home.

Patrick Sullivan Google Review

Randy is awesome. He took the time to diagnose my truck properly and not just throw money and parts at it. He is a stand up guy, and tells it like it is. If you can't handle honestly, go drive your car to the "stealerships" and have them charge you an insane arm and leg. I'm having different issue with my drivetrain, and will be calling Randy in the morning to get my truck in. 2 thumbs up...

Tony Mills Google Review

I send all my vehicles to Randy. Wouldn't trust anyone else. 1999 chevy 1500 driving like new again!

Michael Gammelgaard Google Review

I had a great experience working with Randy at Affordable Transmission. Randy is a very knowledgeable and professional person to work with. When I went to pick up my vehicle after he had finished the transmission repair he showed me all of the old parts from the transmission and explained what was wrong with them. There were no hidden or un-expected costs. Very happy with my experience at Affordable Transmission.

Andy Nestoss Google Review

After 2 paralyzing estimates from two "reputable" repair shops I found myself at Affordable Transmission. Randy at Affordable Transmission managed to accomplish a cylinder head repair/valve job with extra attention to details the other shops never even mentioned, saving me over a thousand dollars in the process. Randy clearly explained what the issues were and the repairs he felt were necessary to keep me safely on the road and out of the repair shop in the future. As a single woman, I would strongly recommend Affordable Transmission to anyone who wants fair & honest pricing along with trustworthy expertise. I will remain a customer of Affordable Transmission as long as they remain in business.

Kathy Stuefen Google Review

I called and spoke with Randy about the transmission on my 1999 Ford Taurus Wagon. I appreciate the phone time he gave me (almost 10 minutes) and his honesty about my particular car situation. My transmission slips if I accelerate too quickly. It is in need of some other repairs also. He explained the most common problems with 1999 Taurus wagons in terms I could understand and in the end, recommended I consider buying a different car. I would recommend Randy to any of family or friends.

Lindagail Roy Google Review

Just got my truck back from having it serviced by Randy here. We got service that you don't get out of more expensive places and his prices were unbelievable. The work was done very quickly. When we picked it up he went through piece by piece and he explained everything he had to fix, not only that, he built it back up better than it was before, I know it runs better than I can remember it ever running. Communication was above and beyond anything I've gotten done anywhere else. I could not recommend him more highly. If you're reading this and need to get work done, just stop looking and give him a call, it'll be worth it.

Andrew Putnam Google Review

Can't say enough good things about the work has done for my family and I over the years. Randy's honesty, thoroughness, and fair prices earned our loyalty.

Lynn Floyd Google Review

I have to take the time on how fortunate I was to find Affordable Transmission. I am not one to write many reviews and this one is definitely worth every word. Randy (The Owner) is a stand up man and took great care of my car's transmission. He went above and beyond the simple repairing of my transmission. He took no short cuts and even repaired and upgraded items that others would not. My husband John was completely impressed as well. He said in all the years and transmission repairs he has never had someone go the extra yard like Randy did. Bottom line I drove several hundred miles just to have him fix my transmission and I would do it again with any other car. Rest assured you are at the right place. I own my own business and I know what it takes. He is the best.

Lynda Young Google Review

I recently needed some transmission work done on my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. Because of the scope of work I needed I was shopping around online looking at different quotes from transmission shops. I called up Affordable Transmission and spoke to Randy. He took his time to tell me in detail what I was to expect in getting services from his shop. He explained to me he personally rebuilds the transmission himself and most shops just install a rebuilt transmission off the shelf. He also warranties his work for 3 yr 36,000 miles. The other shops only did 1 yr and 12,000 miles. And his prices were comparable to the other quotes I received. I was also amazed that he quoted me 2 days for the repair, and it only took 1. Overall I am very satisfied with the service I received and will be sending my friends and family to Affordable Transmission in the future. Thanks again Randy!!

Dennis Debrobander Google Review

I would recommend him any day

Michelle R Google Review

5 Stars!

Krista Bengtson Cook Google Review

I took my 3/4ton Chevy with an allison transmission to Randy because it was leaking and he had it apart and called me with the issue and worked with me toward the best solution for the repair. He had it back to me super fast and saved me a ton of money. Randy is great at communicating the issue, is straightforward with NO BS, and his pricing is great. Like the title says, you won't be sorry if you take your car or truck to Randy.

A Google User Google Review

I had heard Randy also does performance transmission work, and through word of mouth I learned his reputation was good. After some talking back and forth, I felt comfortable enough to leave my 1972 Chevelle with him so he could improve on my non-original overdrive transmission shifting characteristics (it was from a 1992 suburban). When I dropped it off, he reassured me it would be well taken care of (it was), and I would be very happy with how it would be calibrated (I am). I will absolutely recommend Randy to anyone who needs tranny work done-both late model vehicles and older ones. He was very fair priced, and it took less time than I had planned. He explained what he did to it and respected my almost 40 year old car like it was his own. Thanks Randy!

Bryan Flattem Google Review

Needed a transmission, and could not be any happier than I found this place. I have tried many places over the years, and this one is at the top. The interaction with the place is just spot on. I felt that they treated my the way they want to treat their own vehicle. I can highly recommend them.

Steen Moeller Google Review

Randy has repaired two transmissions (03 Taurus & 00 Dakota) for me in the last month. Both are working better than new. Very affordable pricing. Randy did more than just replace broken parts with the same old ones from the dealer, he upgraded them. Randy will be seeing all my cars for future repairs. I highly recommend!

A Google User Google Review

I've been going to Randy for all my auto repair needs for over five years, and have been consistently pleased with both the service and value of what he offers. Being a single woman, it's difficult to find a mechanic that won't try to take advantage of my limited knowledge of automobiles. I mean, doesn't your car run better after a wash? I know mine does! All kidding aside, Randy will go that extra mile to save you money and is honest and skilled in his field. He will take the time to show you the parts and explain what he did and why. How refreshing. I've referred him to several friends who also are very pleased with his service.

A Google User Google Review

We have taken at least six different vehicles (two caravans, one large sedan, and one small four-door, and 2 two-door cars) to Randy's Affordable Transmission and we always get them back in a timely manner. There have been times when I have had code lights on in my car and I took it to Randy's and they explained exactly what was wrong, how they would fix it, and how much it would cost. Randy has (probably) saved us a small fortune by going to him instead of our dealers or bigger corporations. Randy is a very personable and agreeable guy, I trust him to take good care of our cars. Affordable Transmission is a car's best friend!! --Rebecca

A Google User Google Review

Trany went out on our Impala. Had a quote from the auto dealership and was so not affordable and was without warranty. Found Affordable Transmissions by doing a search. So Affordable and included a warranty. I am not from the Twin Cities grew up and lived most of my life in a small community where I knew everyone. Randy made me feel safe in selecting his business and I felt so comfortable and trusting in what he told me. The final cost of repair was actually less the what he quoted. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and go back for any other repair issue we have with our autos

A Google User Google Review

I had Randy rebuild the transmission for my 1993 GMC Safari, and he did a great job! I liked it from the beginning; Randy answers the phone, and he knows who I am, and which car is mine. When I went in to pick it up, he showed me exactly what he did, and the old transmission case that the former owner drilled holes into for extra bolts. He explained the entire process, and showed me the higher quality mechanism that shifts between gears that he installed. He kept the price he quoted. Randy did a great job, and I fully trust his shop.

A Google User Google Review

I checked all over town trying to find someone who would give me an honest answer and a good price. I was lucky enough to find Randy! He saved me $600 off the price i was getting from everyone else and my car runs great. He is a little off the beaten path and not as easy to find but well worth it. I would recommend this shop to anyone!

A Google User Google Review

my car was throwing codes that indicated tranny problems, i brought it here, and he told me he didn't think the tranny was the problem but he would do a flush to see if it helped, he was the cheapest around and the most helpfull, respectfull, and nice person to work with. went above and beyond the requested service, pulling codes with a detailed scanner, and offering to take my car overnight to see if he could figgure out what was wrong for just a basic fee. would bring my car here any time.

A Google User Google Review

Randy is very honest and reliable. He did a excellent job-car runs like new. He could have charged more but didnt, Had other work done and that was also done well.We are happy to have found this place.

A Google User Google Review

I have a 2007 Chevy Express. The Chevy Dealership has had my van for a week. I need a rebuilt transmission & rear differential. Chevy said the total would be over $6000. I could have cried. We have five children with no work van.

Randy at Affordable Transmission was friendly & knowledgeable from the start. I had a clear understanding of what was going on. I was given a fair but steep price. More importantly I was given a 2 year warranty on the work.

It reassures me to know that there are still honest people in the world. People that are not there to take advantage of the situation. Randy even provided us with a free tow from the Over priced & Over rated dealership.

Kelly R. Yelp Review

It's 5:15pm on Tuesday the 6th of January. I am in the Cities heading back home 3 hours north pulling a U-Haul trailer, when I notice that I have no tail or trailer lights. Not one repair facility in the Brooklyn Park area is willing to try and help. I am desperate. I make one last call to Randy @ Affordable Transmission. He gives me directions to his shop and waits for me to get there. Randy and his son stay late, They located and repair the problem. What a relief. Thank you for taking the time to insure that I am able to safely drive back home.

Patrick S. Yelp Review

I went to affordable transmission a couple days ago to get a new starter and a new wire for my power windows and locks it only took them a couple hours to finish it. He charged almost half for what I got quoted at other places! Nice and friendly run by father and son and they can literally fix it all highly recommended

Chris H. Yelp Review

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